Posts or 1Broker - which to choose?

If you want to speculate with Forex/stocks/indices/commodities but don't want the risk of margin call because the price of Bitcoin (account currency) plummets, I recommend 1Broker. The price changes of the traded asset are converted to changes of your BTC balance (the falling BTC price does not affect the forced stop loss). For example, if you open long position with size 1 BTC on S&P 500 with leverage 1:10, and it goes up by 10%, you get 100% profit (your BTC balance would be 2 BTC if you close your position): If your leverage is 1:20 - you get 200% profit (BTC balance become 4 BTC): On Evolve.Markets your profits and losses (including unrealized ones) are converted to BTC dynamically (like on any other MetaTrader broker). Also, your margin level is calculated constantly and if BTC price plummets you may get margin call (if it goes up you have more available margin). If your strategy is a long term (and you are worried about the hypothetical Bitcoin price plunge, which ma…

What will happen with Bitcon when stock market crashes?

The stock market crash is imminent. It's not about "if", it's about "when". I expect also precious metals and cryptocurrencies to drop in value and their bottom to happen before the bottom of the stock prices. It's known from the behavioral economics that low liquid assets react more fast to the panic selling (panic buying). Here you can see how the bottom of the gold price occurred before the bottom of the stock prices: Want to make more Bitcoin from the crash? I recommend Evolve.Markets and 1Broker. or 1Broker - which to choose?

Why drug traffickin is good and we need more of it, not less

Drug trafficking is not a bad thing. Because of drug trafficking (more trade, more competition) people can buy the drugs they need and pay a better price. We need more drug trafficking, not less. If the trade is free, the prices would be low and the poor people addicted to drugs will obtain them without the need of committing crimes (stealing and killing other people in order to obtain money to buy drugs). More drug trafficking will reduce crime. If you don't take addictive drugs you should support the decriminalization of drug sales, because if drugs are cheap you will be more safe - drug addicts will take their cheap drugs without the need to kill you in order to take your money. The drugs will be so cheap, that one small wage will be enough to purchase drugs which will be sufficient for a long period (even for life).

Insider trading or not?

I trust the timestamp of the Twitter post (tweet), however I don't have proof that their blog post timestamp is correct. Why there is an 5 hours difference between the blog post and the tweet? 2018-07-02T09:01:01.105Z is UTC time, the NY time is 5:01. Read how to margin buy or margin sell Bitcoin here.

The elephant in the room about Tether

Even an audit is not enough to convince all that they should trust the Tether's tokens. Because there are many external risk factors. The elephant in the room are three-letter-agencies. They can do what they did to Liberty Reserve and BTC-E at any time. Maybe they are waiting it to grow more. Confiscating bank accounts is easy for them. USDT tokens are backed with USD in bank accounts. There are thousands of other tokens backed by promises and fantasies. Deal with it. For me there is no big difference between having audit and not having one. The main risk is from the governments, not from owners committing scam. If Tether's management want to commit fraud or fractional banking - they will do it regardless of the audit. Because the audit contains information from the past, not from the future. Caveat emptor.

Cold storage advice

Just use Electrum (from on a safe computer (no Windows).Or if you prefer the longer explanation.My opinion is you should understand how computer security works before to do anything.Some important things:Your keys and passwords might get written in the swap file/partition on your hard drive. Don't use swap or encrypt it.Your printer may have memory (hard drive).Your printed documents are saved on your hard drive and then deleted not securely (if you don't use non-HDD system, like Live Linux system from a CD/DVD)Your USB devices may have malware installed in their inner computer (not in the visible from the outside filesystem, it's not visible by the external anti-virus software).Make backup on paper (seed) before you load your wallet with coins. Don't lose the paper backup.

Why I think that the alleged market manipulation by the owners of Bitfinex and Tether is not a bad thing

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