E-mail and phone are critical attack verctors when associated with your online accounts

I think that there should be no e-mail associated with accounts.Email accounts are another point of failure and attack vector.Also phone numbers should not be associated with accounts, this is a huge security flaw.The best way to secure an account is with long passphrase, non-phone-number 2FA (with Google Authenticator or hardware device using public key cryptography) and/or PGP key.Passphrase recovery should not be possible or really hard and uncomfortable (you need to fly to the office in person with your passport and 3 witnesses + 1 year waiting period).

Why regulated and 'legal' exchanges will not use Lighting Network

The proposed Lightning network has each node performing routing for any participant on the network. A licensed exchange cannot transmit money for anyone without KYC/AML. So either exchanges won't use Lightning, or they're demand that anyone that wants routing must have KYC/AML. If Lightning can circumvent KYC/AML, then that will exclude exchanges and payment processors and anyone else that, you know, obeys the law, from using LN; and since the vast majority of buyers and holders buy on Coinbase, Bitstamp and other regulated exchanges, and since the vast majority of merchants use Bitpay and other regulated merchant gateways, and since your local coffee shop doesn't want to be in the clandestine Lightning Hub business any more than they want to be an illegal credit card processing gateway or uninsured mobster credit union, that Lightning is basically a non-starter for most use legal, typical cases. Before anyone says "yeah but" the answer is no, this is nothing …

Storj vs BlackBlaze vs SIA

StorageBackBlaze: $0.005 USD/GB/month Storj: $0.015 USD/GB/month SIA: $0.00321 USD/GB/month DownloadBackBlaze: $0.02 USD/GB download Storj: $0.05 USD/GB download SIA: $0.00087 USD/GB download Other feesSIA: $0.00066 USD/GB upload SIA: $2.08 USD Contract formation fees (one-time fee) LinksSia stats:

Stock market is crashing

Interest rates have remained extremely low since 2008 even through the economic upturn over the past few years. This has caused an increased amount of borrowing which has caused many to become highly leveraged. There is speculation that interest rates will be increased soon, which will cause some highly leveraged businesses to become over-leveraged and to default on their debts. The speculation is therefore that we are in for a big correction soon, so investors are trying to take their gains now.

Substratum will contain dangerous "democratic" censorship feature!

On their official website they say: The decentralized web is all about independent and open information. No single party has the ability to control what can or cannot be seen. Bad players like child pornography or terrorism can be identified by members of the Substratum Network by voting content up or down. If a consensus is reached, obscene content will be removed. Substratum's voting algorithm takes a range of factors into consideration before removal, including each user's substrate count, how long they've been a member, and their own voting frequency. This helps prevent big organizations from gaming the system and minimizes the impact of political or opinion-based voting.Watch the "The Orville" episode "Majority rule" to learn more about the dangers of "democracy".

"Air gapped" is not good enough to protect your Bitcoin

Your bank notes under your mattress are air gapped - there is an air between them and the burglars. Is this air stopping them from just taking your money and spend it? If you are worried that you may forget the password you can still keep unencrypted copies hidden somewhere safe (or your passphrase), but you can also make encrypted (with good key stretching) copies on cloud services (DropBox, Mega, Google Drive, Gmail, etc.). If you keep your seed in a safe deposit box (at the bank), the bank employees can open it and steal your coins. Also, the government can demand opening of your safe deposit box and steal your gold and crypto. Archiving private keys - TLDR version

Why prices on different Bitcoin exchanges are not the same?

There is a big difference because arbitrage between exchanges is slow and dangerous due to the legacy financial system's defects. It's a high risk of regulatory problems because banks see this as money laundering. They are obligated by law to play the security theater and will cause problems to arbitrage traders moving fiat funds between exchanges. If you know how to move funds between exchanges fast and with less fees – there is a profitable (but risky) business opportunity. If our current financial system allowed for immediate transfers between participants, arbitrage would eliminate these price spreads on different exchanges. Also, there is a big difference between the futures contracts and the real Bitcoin prices. This is because there is a risk something will go wrong with the exchanges (they may not work when the futures contract expires or there will be too much volatility and low liquidity). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to