Google does not index my article about Intermittant fasting, but parts of it are using on indexed spam sites

 When I search some phrases from my article they appear on spam sites:

Closed schools may trigger another wave of unemployment, because many parents will need to stay home with their children

United States is in for a serious wake up call when schools don't reopen, because spoiler alert. They're not reopening.

Evolve Markets is requesting KYC documents for flagged accounts and is removing flagged accounts if not verified, US customers can't use their services

They also will transfer your data to US or may transfer it to other governments, according to their Terms and Conditions. The main problem is that the US regulators are threatening such companies if they accept US customers (look what happened to 1broker, company providing similar services to customers without KYC).

Human created passphrases and using key stretching not secure? Here is my opinion:

Human chosen passwords have poor entropy, and are easy to attack Only for the same length. You can make bigger passphrases.

How the company beihng Tether is making money from the fools

The company behind Tether is making a shitload of money by selling USDT for $1 and buying it back for $0.95. Why they should stop it? It's profitable! And since there are many people willing to sell their USDT for less than a $1 the show will continue.

Air gapped computer for signing transactions

Keeping the private keys only on a computer without Internet connection (WiFi, modem, Ethernet hardware removed by hand) and without USB interfaces (USB is not a secure interface, there are known exploits) is better if you are worried about firmware malware inside the USB devices (flash drives) and inside the UEFI and the Intel processors. You can transfer the signed transactions using the monitor/keyboard, floppy discs or DVD/CD (not USB!). Using USB devices is dangerous because their firmware may contain malware. If you use USB printer it would be dangerous to reuse it on other computers, because of the risk that the printer is infected with malware (with access to the god mode processor malware). You should assume that the firmware of your devices contains malware: CPU Printer USB drives Hard drive (if any) UEFI Keyboard (key logger) Other (?) And verify that your monitor does not have a screen transmitter (like demonstrated in the Mr. Robot).
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