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How to make your life simpler


The list of good BTC<->fiat services is always shrinking

Unfortunately the list of good BTC<->fiat services is always shrinking and we're kind of stuck with, as the guy above said, dog shit. The service might not be complete dog shit, but there always seems to be an element of dog shit in these services that's hard for me to ignore.

Why I prefer to pay with Bitcoin instead of using's escrow ("milestone payment™ system")

I read some bad reviews about

It is bad not only for freelancers, but also for buyers. They ask for too much documents and it is pain in the ass.

The great thing about Bitcoin is that it is permissionless - you don't need documents (don't need anyone's permission to use it) and chargeback fraud is not possible.

"Illegal immigrants must go back home"


Dangerous acid!


Minimum wage


Message from Satoshi Nakamoto?

Natural solution for ADHD

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