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The elephant in the room about Tether

Even an audit is not enough to convince all that they should trust the Tether's tokens. Because there are many external risk factors. The elephant in the room are three-letter-agencies. They can do what they did to Liberty Reserve and BTC-E at any time. Maybe they are waiting it to grow more. Confiscating bank accounts is easy for them. USDT tokens are backed with USD in bank accounts. There are thousands of other tokens backed by promises and fantasies. Deal with it. For me there is no big difference between having audit and not having one. The main risk is from the governments, not from owners committing scam. If Tether's management want to commit fraud or fractional banking - they will do it regardless of the audit. Because the audit contains information from the past, not from the future. Caveat emptor.

Cold storage advice

Just use Electrum (from on a safe computer (no Windows).Or if you prefer the longer explanation.My opinion is you should understand how computer security works before to do anything.Some important things:Your keys and passwords might get written in the swap file/partition on your hard drive. Don't use swap or encrypt it.Your printer may have memory (hard drive).Your printed documents are saved on your hard drive and then deleted not securely (if you don't use non-HDD system, like Live Linux system from a CD/DVD)Your USB devices may have malware installed in their inner computer (not in the visible from the outside filesystem, it's not visible by the external anti-virus software).Make backup on paper (seed) before you load your wallet with coins. Don't lose the paper backup.

Why I think that the alleged market manipulation by the owners of Bitfinex and Tether is not a bad thing

Anyone have the right to participate in the market. Even the owners of major infrastructure.

Bitcoin market cycle forecast - optimistic and pessimistic

How to margin short and margin buy Bitcoin.Another comparison between 2013/2014 and 2017/2018 bubbles: How to margin short and margin buy Bitcoin.

Why Trump is increasing/introducing tariffs?

He wants to remove tariffs, quotas and subsidies. These big tariffs are method of extortion: "Let's we all agree to free trade. If you don't agree I will increase the tariffs.". It would be great if it works, however I am skeptical. The lobbyists (lobbying for tariffs) have deep pockets. Corruption is strong worldwide.

How to short Bitcoin on leverage (or not) and trade forex/stocks/commodities/indices/cryptos with anonymous Bitcoin account

To short Bitcoin I am recommending 1fox (BTCUSD only), Evolve markets (Forex, stocks, crypto, indices, commodities) and Bitmex (very high liquidity).Accounts are anonymous, no KYC bullshit.1fox is giving "financing" (on short positions about 0.1-0.3% every 12 hours) but there are "socialized losses" also. Net result is positive. Liquidity is bad (but this can be good because it's possible to arbitrage trade and buy/sell at good levels when cascade of stop losses occur).Evolve markets takes 0.2% swap, but liquidity is good.Bitmex gives you 0.0545% per 8 hours for short position on the "perpetual futures contract" (you pay 0.0545% on long positions), liquidity is excellent. On other future contracts (with expiration date) there is no swap. There is no KYC, when you sign up you may give your first and last name, but it's optional.You can use 1fox to "lock" the USD value of your coins buy opening short position with leverage 1:1 (it's be… is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to