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How Bitcoin is being manipulated

SEC is manipulating the price by delaying/denying/approving Bitcoin-related ETFs. China is manipulating the price by "banning Bitcoin" again and again. India is manipulating the price by "banning Bitcoin" again and again. Every buyer, seller and hodler is manipulating the price by buying, selling and hodling. Every person writing about Bitcoin on social media is manipulating the price. Every person talking about Bitcoin is manipulating the price. The media is manipulating the price of Bitcoin by promoting it (display BTC price in a way they display the oil price, talk about Bitcoin, make documentaries about Bitcoin). Everything is a manipulation.

How to encrypt your secrets with the scrypt utility on Ubuntu, print them on paper and then read them again

Your secrets are in the file secret.txt.Install the scrypt utility: $ sudo apt-get install scrypt Encrypt the file with custom scrypt parameters (about 1G of RAM, 200 seconds; in reality it takes less than 200 seconds on my system, see this Github bug report): $ scrypt enc -M 1073741824 -t 200 secret.txt encrypted.scrypt Now, you got your encrypted data in the file encrypted.scrypt. You can upload it to your favorite cloud storage provider (Google Drive, DropBox, email it to your Gmail, Proton Mail and Yahoo Mail addresses, etc.).If you want it on paper type into the command line: $ base64 encrypted.scrypt > encrypted.scrypt.base64.txt You can open the encrypted.scrypt.base64.txt file with your favorite editor (LibreOffice Writer) and set a proper font before printing it (this is critical - when printing your keys make sure you use a proper font (that don't have similar characters - like "I" and "l", zero and big O)).To decrypt the encrypted data:$ scrypt …

Bitmex Futures Math - many people don't know how it works

Why people open long positions if their bet is asymmetrical in the bad way.
If you open long position with leverage 1:1 your position will be liquidated (100% loss) when the price decrease by 49%.
The price must increase by 100% in order to get only 50% profit.
The maximum profit if price get to infinity (or really big number) is 99%.
If the price increase 10% you will get profit of 9.09%.However, if the price decrease by 10% you get loss of 11%.If the price increase 20% you will get profit of 16.67%.However, if the price decrease by 20% you get loss of 25%.If the price increase 100% (price x2) you will get profit of 50%.If the price increase 200% (price x3) you will get profit of 66.67%.If the price increase 300% (price x4) you will get profit of 75.00%. For movements below 10% it's almost linear, but for long term traders with long positions it's useless. It's good for traders shorting with leverage 1:1 (for "freezing" the dollar value of the coins).

No conspiracy theory needed to explain the short squeeze during the scheduled maintenance of Bitmex

Bitcoin is more resilient than stocks to technical glitches in the exchanges, because stocks are traded on 1-2 exchanges (sometimes only 1), but Bitcoin is traded on many exchanges, like fiat currencies (Forex). I think that the Bitmex downtime had some role (when it was offline arbitrage bots was offline too, causing liquidity to decrease and make short squeeze more probable), but most journalists and "Bitcoin analysts" will exaggerate it. If Bitmex did not went down to maintenance, it's very probable that the short squeeze would happened anyway. Short positions to long positions ratio on Bitfinex were at record high (see "BTCUSDSHORTS-BTCUSDLONGS" on TradingView). No conspiracy theory is needed to explain the short squeeze. It's obvious for all market participants that the best time for short squeeze is when the liquidity is low and short positions on Bitfinex (one of the major spot exchanges allowing shorting on margin) are at record high. This is wh…

Futures market impact the real market

For every futures contract sold there is a futures contracts bought. If we move the same buyers and sellers from futures to the real Bitcoins the effect would be the same. Buying and selling futures make the exact same influence on the price of Bitcoin like buying or selling Bitcoin, because the futures markets are connected via arbitrage traders just like all Bitcoin exchanges are connected with arbitrage traders.

Fake SEC websites -,, - are collecting e-mail addresses for spam and phishing

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