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Why Bitcoin (or fiat currency) tipping can't replace traditional online advertising

Your backups on the USB flash drives are in danger


Give a man a fish...


I am looking for the better alternative to (for non-US authors)


Your messages.dat too big? Here is the solution

You can make backup of your keys and messages, delete the database (shut down Bitmessage before to do this!) and next time you run Bitmessage, it will recreate new database.

My old messages.dat was 678M. After I deleted it, the size of the new messages.dat is 25M.

I just moved the folder .config/PyBitmessage to PyBitmessage-old-backup, made new .config/PyBitmessage and copied keys.dat to the new folder. If I want to read my old messages, I can just swap the folders.

Discussion on Reddit.

Merchants can't collect evidence required by VAT laws if they use Bitcoin

Merchant (middlemen) for selling digital services, that deal with all VAT-related bullshit and accepting Bitcoin?

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