Merchant (middlemen) for selling digital services, that deal with all VAT-related bullshit and accepting Bitcoin?

I am frustrated because Amazon is taking 65% of the sales price and giving to the authors only 35%. Also there is an absurd bureaucracy in regard with application of tax treaties.

Is there another alternative that will take less than 65%, accept Bitcoin and deal with all VAT bullshit?

Setting up my own VAT registered company is too expensive (it cost about two monthly salaries every month), so if I earn less than several salaries per month, it is not feasible to pay for maintaining VAT registered company. is another alternative. They give authors 85% of net sales, but authors should deal with the IRS-related bullshit if they are not US citizens and don't reside in the US (or else, 30% of their profit will be stolen by the IRS).

Read more about the IRS-related tax withholding bullshit here:

Read more about the EU-related VAT bullshit here:
I've never sold e-books directly via my site, because the strict e-commerce laws in my country [Germany] do not make it feasible. And this law makes it even more difficult for anybody in the EU to sell e-books or indeed any goods directly. I work as a freelance translator and this is annoying, because it means figuring out whatever the VAT in the customer's country is, if the customer is in another EU country. -- CoraBuhlert
Important: just using payment processing company (BitPay) does not solve the problem. The middlemen (merchant) should pay royalties to the author (and not another types of payment) and deal with all of the VAT-related madness.

It is illegal for authors to sell their e-books directly, because this is trading, and natural persons can't do trading. Only businesses can sell e-books. And now, after 1 jan 2015, EU tax laws will make selling digital content more expensive.

If we want Bitcoin to succeed, there is urgent need of middlemen (merchants) that deal with all of the VAT-related bullshit.
Because most citizens don't want to go to jail. They just obey what their statist masters say.

Discussion on Reddit:

I am looking for the better alternative to (for non-US authors)

Edit: I found it. It is Read more here (at the bottom of the article).

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