How to increase your chances of getting pregnant

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If you have just started trying for a baby, you may want to know what some tips are for improving your chances of conception, so that you don’t waste time, and lose your patience over the months waiting for that positive pregnancy test.

It is important that the future parents know that there are only certain days in the month when conception is possible, and it is during the ovulation of the woman or a few days before the actual ovulation, when the sperm can successfully fertilize the egg.

Women can easily track their monthly cycles, watch for the tell-tale signs of an upcoming or occurring ovulation through various calendars, computer or phone applications, as well as the classic basal temperature measurement, monitoring the cervical fluid and other physical changes which occur prior and during ovulation, as well as by using a home test kit for ovulation.

Once the lady knows she is ovulating, or that she is about to ovulate, it is the right time to have unprotected sexual intercourse with her partner.

Apart from getting the timing right, there are some more tips to improve the chances for conception regarding the actual sex you engage in.

An important tip is to stay away from certain lubricants, which actually kill off the sperm. When trying for a baby, you and your partner should use “sperm friendly” lubricants, or natural ones, such as canola oil, egg whites or others, which won’t harm the sperm and will increase the chances of the sperm actually reaching the egg and fertilizing it.

Also, some fertility experts recommend the couple choose the missionary position or in case the woman has an inverted cervix, the “doggy style” position in order to make conception easier. At the same time, other experts say that the position isn’t that important, because sperm is “designed” to swim to the cervix no matter the position.

Of course, it is advisable that women don’t jump out of bed immediately after intercourse when trying to conceive, in order to ensure that the sperm stays in, and is able to reach the egg. Even though sperm can survive for days in a woman’s body, they are advised to stay in bed for 20 minutes after intercourse, just in case.

It is common knowledge that men need to reach an orgasm in order to ejaculate the sperm necessary for conceiving a child, but a less known fact is that women’s orgasms also help the process of conception by causing contractions to the cervix, which “invites” more sperm in and increases the possibility of conceiving.

Another tip for the natural improvement of your chances of conceiving is to eat a better and healthier diet when trying to conceive, and this goes both for the man and the woman. Some experts even call it the “fertility diet”, and recommend that future parents stay away from processed foods, and focus on eating fresh and healthy food, in order to clear their organisms from toxic and other harmful substances.

Also, eating a healthier diet will lead to a loss of weight, in case one or both of the future parents are overweight. Losing weight improves the balance of the hormones in the body, which includes the reproductive hormones both in men and women crucial for conception.

Of course, a healthy diet will resolve cases of poor nutrition as well, which can also cause hormonal disbalance and lead to problems with fertility - remember, you can be overweight and your organism can still be malnourished. It is the quality of the food and not the quantity that counts!

A healthy diet will keep blood sugar levels normal, and will also resolve some additional issues with eating unhealthy stuff, such as some skin conditions, problems sleeping, etc.

Some nutritional advice for those who are planning on conceiving a baby, is to stay away from: grains, processed foods, starches and sugars, and replace them with fresh veggies and fruits.

Also, try to eat only the healthy fats and proteins, such as those in olive oil, coconut oil, fresh grass-fed meat and nuts. Experts recommend staying away from processed dairy products too.

It is a good idea to consider making some other lifestyle changes, including: quitting smoking and the use of recreational drugs as well as abstaining from drinking alcohol as soon as you start trying to conceive, throughout the pregnancy and while nursing.

Both future parents should make sure they get sufficient sleep, as well as stay away from harmful toxic exposure, including X-rays, radiation, pesticide exposure and certain chemicals which may damage their chances of successfully conceiving a healthy baby.

Also, fertility experts recommend that both future parents engage in a more active lifestyle and exercise, but in moderation.

Another important tip for those who are trying to conceive, is to try to limit the stress which often comes when a couple begins trying for a baby and failing month after month. Conception should be a happy experience, and the stress can further cause the hormones to go crazy and messed up, and reduce your chances of conceiving.

Asking your doctor for possible medications or therapy you are undergoing which may interfere with the process of conceiving is also a good tip. If you are not prescribed fertility therapy or medication, you can always try to enhance your fertility with some natural herbs and specialized substances, known to improve the fertility in both men and women, such as the all-natural Conceive For Her and Conceive For Him herbal supplements.


  1. Is it true that having sex more than once a day will up your odds of getting pregnant?

    1. According to Lubna Pal, M.S., F.A.C.O.G., associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine:

      "Having intercourse more than once does not enhance the ability for that one sperm to get where it needs to be".

    2. What a dumb statement that having sex more than once a day will not increase your chances of having a baby!

      You say because the count goes down and it only takes one to do the job. Well, rocket scientist it may only take one but the more you get going there the better your chances are of having a baby.

      It is like buying a lottery ticket the more you buy the better chance you have of winning. Simply odds! If you got 3 horses in a a race and there is only 4 horses in the race and they are all the same type runners you have 3 chances of winning verses the person with one.

    3. Actually you can get pregnant if you have sex right around the time ovulation occurs because the egg is viable for 48 hours after being released. It's a slightly reduced chance, not a missed "window"

    4. "Anonymous: April 24, 2014 at 8:41 AM: According to Lubna Pal, M.S., F.A.C.O.G., associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine:

      "Having intercourse more than once does not enhance the ability for that one sperm to get where it needs to be." "

      "Jimmy: April 24, 2014 at 8:44 AM
      What a dumb statement that having sex more than once a day will not increase your chances of having a baby!"

      Both of you have made logical errors in your resonnings. Although Jimmy correctly stated that the odds of pregnacy are increased as a result of increasing the number of deposited spermatozoa, the statement... "Having intercourse more than once does not enhance the ability for that one sperm to get where it needs to be" does not address the effects of increased sexual intercourse in respect to the odds of increasing the chance of achieving pregnancy. The statement ONLY asserts that increasing sexual intercourse does not enhance the ABILITY of any ONE spermatozoon to implant into a female egg cell.

      But even this statement (perhaps taken out of context or miss-quoted) is logicaly flawed. Adding more spermatozoa into a woman's reproductive system does not enhance the ability of spermatozoon that ALREADY RESIDES THERE. Since it has never been observed that spermatozoon has the ability to reach an egg cell without first being deposited into the female reproductive environment (not accounting for artificifial intervention), it most certainly enhances the ability of MORE than ONE NEWLY deposited spermatozoon. (read next post for conclusion)

    5. continued.... I suspect that the statement is taken out of context. The element that leads me to this conclusion is "for that one sperm." The wording suggests that a greater context is missing and I would assume that this greater context is addressing the concept that "it only takes one spermatozoon to fertilize a female egg cell," but it is impossible to know without the context being provided.

      More importantly, an issue that occurs with increasing the frequency of a males ejaculations (respective to its effects on the odds of conception) is not addressed at all. In order to have the capacity to fertilize an egg cell, spermatozoa must be fully developed (matured.) After being produced within the testes, spermatozoa takes roughly 2-3 days (incubated within the testes) to reach full maturity. Increasing the frequency of a males ejaculations will result in a significant reduction in the percentage of mature spermatozoa, therefore, reducing the odds of pregnancy per ejaculation. When a couple is trying to conceive, it is recommended that men abstain from ejaculating for 2-3 days before each intercourse session. After the 2-3 days have passed, the man may ejaculate as often as both partners can stand it (for that day only) and then abstain for another 2-3 days before the next session of intercourse. Repeating this behavior just before, during and just after the assumed ovulation cycle will significantly increase the odds of pregnancy.

      Hope this information is helpful... And have fun!! ;)


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