Lesser known causes of fertility problems

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If you are finding that you are having problems conceiving, then you are like one of every 10 couples in the US facing problems with infertility. In order to be considered as a problematic situation, which requires medical attention, you need to be experiencing an inability to become pregnant for at least a year after starting to try, or after half a year in case the woman is over the age of 35.

Of course, the first step the couple needs to take is to get medical advice, in order for any physical problems or side effect of medications to be ruled out as the reason for the infertility.

Some common medical problems causing infertility, include: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis in women, or varicocele in men.

Unfortunately, as much as 10% of women suffering from infertility have the so-called “unexplained infertility”, which are usually due to problems with the fallopian tubes picking up the egg, or failed implantation of the embryo after conception, as well as inability of the sperm to fertilize the egg for some reason or another.

Apart from the obvious medical causes of difficulty conceiving, there are certain factors which may affect your ability to easily conceive a child.

One of the factors, which may be causing problems conceiving is the stress related to the actual process of trying to become pregnant and failing month after month. Stress causes hormonal imbalance, so the first thing you should do is stop worrying, try some meditation, and take up yoga or other stress relieving activity to reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which interferes with the proper balance of the reproduction hormones in your body.

Sometimes, some lifestyle changes or adjustments will help your chances of conception. The most obvious ones are: quitting smoking and cutting down or quitting drinking alcohol – this goes for both future parents. Smoking is known to decrease fertility both for men and women, not to mention the negative effect it will have on your fetus if you become pregnant and continue smoking and drinking. Recreational drugs should also be avoided, in order to improve the chances of conception and having a healthy baby. Marijuana or anabolic steroids will harm the sperm, and as a whole using drugs during conception or pregnancy can have terrible and even fatal effect on the fetus.

Leading a more active lifestyle and exercising is also known to improve the sperm count and sperm motility in men. If one or both partners are overweight, this too can be another reason for the problems with conceiving.

Becoming more active, and eating a healthy diet will not only improve your health and chances of becoming pregnant, but is crucial for the development of the baby as well.

Because of the chemicals and other harmful substances found in many processed foods, it is recommended that the future mothers switch to a fertility diet and possibly do some form of body de-toxing when preparing to become pregnant. By eating a healthier diet and losing that extra weight, the hormones in the body will balance themselves into the good configuration to allow easier conception.

Having enough sleep can also affect the fertility. Make sure you and your partner get a healthy amount of sleep, because sleep deprivation too will mess with your hormones, and can make conceiving a more difficult task.

Men should wear boxer shorts and loose fitting pants, in order to keep their sperm healthy and living. Staying away from saunas and hot baths is also advisable for the men, in order to keep the sperm cooler and alive.

An increase of the chances of conception and an overall improvement of the fertility can be achieved through some herbs which are known to help, including: Maca, Nettles and Red Raspberry. Another option is to take a combination of these herbs and minerals in natural herbal supplements like Conceive For Her and Conceive For Him created for increasing the fertility in men and women, which can also help the conception to happen sooner.

People should know that some types of lubricants actually kill the sperm, so if they choose to use lubrication when having sex, they should get one which is “sperm-friendly” or use a natural lubricant such as egg whites, for example.

There are some alternative medicine methods which can be used to improve fertility. Acupuncture is known to have a positive effect on increasing and improving fertility.

Some environmental factors may also affect and decrease the fertility of men and women as well. Exposure to radiation form an X-Ray, exposure to lead or to certain pesticides can harm the ability to conceive. Certain chemicals which we are likely to be exposed to at a daily basis might cause problems with fertility. Some are contained in the non-stick pans and vessels (when the coating is destroyed and becomes absorbed by the food), and others are supposedly contained in microwavable popcorn bags. Other chemicals which may be having a negative impact on your fertility are: glymes (found in printer cartilages, some cleaning chemicals and lithium batteries as well), or BPA found in canned foods.


  1. "University of California, Berkeley, researchers have found what they think is a critical and, until now, missing piece of the puzzle about how stress causes sexual dysfunction and infertility."


  2. "We know stress affects the top-tier reproductive hormone, GnRH, but we show, in fact, that stress also affects another high-level hormone, GnIH, to cause reproductive dysfunction," said lead author Elizabeth Kirby, a graduate student at UC Berkeley's Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute. "This work provides a new target for researchers, a new way to think about infertility and dysfunction. The more we know, the more we can look for ways to treat it."

    Stress puts double whammy on reproductive system

    1. A study reveals mothers who reported higher levels of stress and anxiety during pregnancy gave birth to babies with faster auditory nerve signals, which can indicate healthy neurological development.

      Read more here: http://news.discovery.com/human/life/surprising-facts-about-pregnancy-130917.htm

  3. Is it possible to get pregnant quicker? How?

    1. Start to think about your diet before you wish to get pregnant. Start half a year beforehand to be sure you are eating right. This is crucial it you wish to become pregnant more quickly. The better your diet, the better your body is going to work. If your body feels ill, you may not get pregnant very swiftly. If you are carrying around some extra weight, just taking 20 of those pounds off leading in to when you want to conceive can help you in falling pregnant quicker. Diet is not invariably the answer, but eating healthily helps.

      If you have got any bad habits, you must do all you are able to do stop them. Don't drink if you know you are attempting to have a baby, and it's possible to get pregnant faster if you stop smoking. Just like with eating healthily, avoiding poisons in your body will make it easier for you to get pregnant when you start trying. You can always give up these things when you find out you are pregnant, but why take any probabilities with your baby's health?

      Exercising is a key to good health, and it could be a key to get pregnant faster also. Being healthy is more bout avoiding toxins and eating the most sensible foods. It's also about having good cardio health. Go for a walk each day if you can, but also discover a way to get your pulse up for no less than thirty minutes three times per week. This keeps your ticker in good working order.

      It's easy to get pregnant quicker if you have a healthy partner also. Sperm can be particularly huffy to environmental impulse, as the man in question wants to make some good health selections also. He ought to be eating sensibly and looking after his body as well by getting rid of any unpleasant habits. Sperm are way more exposed than eggs because they are produced every day while a woman is born with all the eggs she'll ever have. If you both make some life changes together before you try and fall pregnant, you will have terribly quick and pleasing results when the time arrives.

  4. Sweden no longer uses BPA epoxy resins in water lines. A BPA epoxy resin was installed to repair copper water lines in the Toronto Sick Children's Hospital in 2008. The supplier indicated in 2012 that the BPA epoxy is made with BPA. The installing contractor promotes the BPA epoxy resin as being BPA-Free.


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