How to short Bitcoin on leverage (or not) and trade forex/stocks/commodities/indices/cryptos with anonymous Bitcoin account

To short Bitcoin I am recommending 1fox (BTCUSD only), Evolve markets (Forex, stocks, crypto, indices, commodities) and Bitmex (very high liquidity).

Accounts are anonymous, no KYC bullshit.

1fox is giving "financing" (on short positions about 0.1-0.3% every 12 hours) but there are "socialized losses" also. Net result is positive. Liquidity is bad (but this can be good because it's possible to arbitrage trade and buy/sell at good levels when cascade of stop losses occur).

Evolve markets takes 0.2% swap, but liquidity is good.

Bitmex gives you 0.0545% per 8 hours for short position on the "perpetual futures contract" (you pay 0.0545% on long positions), liquidity is excellent. On other future contracts (with expiration date) there is no swap. There is no KYC, when you sign up you may give your first and last name, but it's optional.

You can use 1fox to "lock" the USD value of your coins buy opening short position with leverage 1:1 (it's better than Tether, because Tether is not giving you interest).

However, there is a possibility that the "financing" on 1fox will become negative for you (you pay it). But overall it's positive (for now).

Theoretically you can make arbitrage between the two, their prices are very different. Lots of "bread" for arbitrage traders.

If you want to speculate with Forex/stocks/indices/commodities but don't want the risk of margin call because the price of Bitcoin (account currency) plummets, I recommend 1Broker. The price changes of the traded asset is converted to changes of your BTC balance (the falling BTC price does not affect the forced stop loss). For example, if you open long position with size 1 BTC on S&P 500 with leverage 1:10 and it goes up by 5% you get 50% profit (your BTC balance become 1.5 BTC). If your leverage is 1:20 - you get 100% profit (BTC balance become 2 BTC).

On Evolve markets your profits are converted to BTC dynamically (at the time you receive them). Also, your margin level is calculated constantly and if BTC price plummets you may get margin call (if it goes up you have more available margin).

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