Natural solution for ADHD

TLDR: Eat enough protein, low-protein diet is dangerous. Important nutrients: GABA, L-Glutamine, Taurine, Tyrosine, Tryptophan, Glycine, Magnesium, Calcium, Huperzine A.

Where do we get neurotransmitters? From the amino acids, GABA, glycine, taurine, tyrosine, glutamine and tryptophan. Do children or adults get enough aminos through diet? NO! Balanced amino-acid doses, in the right combination and formulas, produce the needed neurotransmitters naturally. Billie J. Sahley, Ph.D., CNC

All major neurotransmitters are made from amino acids and dietary protein. One of the dangers of a low-protein diet is not ingesting enough amino acids to make adequate brain neurotransmitters. Apathy, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, loss of interest, and insomnia all result when the diet does not include adequate amounts of amino acids. Drugs do not produce or increase production of neurotransmitters. Drugs only address symptoms. Amino acids restore the balance nature intended. Billie J. Sahley, Ph.D., CNC

Some of the major symptoms of neurotransmitter deficiencies are ADD, ADHD, brain fog, mood swings, increased stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, and aggression. Stress plays a major role in the depletion of neurotransmitters. Inhibitory neurotransmitters are the keys to behavior, emotions, and pain. Inhibitory amino acids include tryptophan, taurine, GABA, and glycine. Billie J. Sahley, Ph.D., CNC

Excerpt of the book: here.

Hint: there are "dietary supplements" with these substances. Some of them are marketed to the "body builders" and you can find them in your local supermarket or buy them online on Amazon.

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