How to make your life simpler

  1. Don't watch TV. It is waste of time and mental energy. Kicking it our will make your life simpler, happier and more productive.
  2. Before you organize, ELIMINATE. Everything: clutter, tasks, social obligations, meetings, boring people, meaningless activities. Define what is essential and eliminate ruthlessly.
  3. Do 1 thing at the time. It is more difficult than it sounds, but it is proven to be more productive, less stressful and yes, simpler.
  4. Track your income and your expenses. Life is much simpler when you are aware of your finances.
  5. Make a meal plan and create your shopping list accordingly. Simple action, leads to more saving, healthier eating, less wasted food. And you'll never find yourself wondering what to make for the lunch tomorrow or realize that you don't have anything to bring at your workplace at 8:30.
  6. Turn off the notifications on your cell phone. It is so helpful!
  7. Write things down. Not just expenses (see #4) but also your thoughts, fears, problems, ideas. When it's on the paper it doesn't occupy your mind.
  8. Write To-do list with 3 tasks. Verbarize it. (Meaning, instead of writing: Project XYZ, write: create an outline and delegate tasks to person A, B and C for project XYZ). Simple and works!
  9. Work slowly, devoted. That is how great work is done, stress is minimal and life simpler.
  10. Know thyself. It will help you understand your emotions, change your habits, recognize your triggers, optimize your work. Simply wonderful.

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