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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Microsoft is trying to get my phone number - they force me to give my phone number and warn me if I refuse, then I will lose access to my Outlook (Hotmail) account

When I tried to login into my Outlook account (also known as "Microsoft Acccount" or "Hotmail account") I got this ultimatum:

Help us protect your account
Passwords can be forgotten or stolen. Just in case, add security info now to help you get back into your account if something goes wrong. We won't use this info to spam you - just to keep your account more secure. Learn more.
What security info would you like to add?

Verify phone via: (*) Text () Call
[ Next ] Skip for now (7 days until this is required)

It looks like Microsoft is trying to blackmail me in order to get my phone number. They give me 7 days to obey their demand (or I will lose access to my e-mail account).

Of course this is for my protection. They will give my phone number to the NSA, so NSA can link my e-mail address to my phone number. This, again, is for my own protection.

If you are more observant, you will find out that you can circumvent this demand by selecting "Alternate e-mail address" from the drop down menu:

It is very difficult to see that there is an option to enter alternate e-mail address instead of your phone number. I didn't noticed it immediately. Many users of Outlook (Hotmail) will just enter their phone numbers and NSA will be happy - for them will be easy to link your identity to your email account (if your phone number is linked to your identity).

There are some conspiracy theories that you got this message because you are suspected for illegal activity and Microsoft is instructed by three-letter agencies to get your identity somehow.

I believe it means that the DHS is investigating you. Outlook can't "inform you" of any actions, but the DHS can require Microsoft to provide them with your phone number and related accounts. It might be best to drop that account, and maybe all hotmail accounts in your case, because they are probably going to probe the others, eventually.hotmailmails

That would be pretty funny if DHS were investigating, because they're very minor accounts with very little mail. I've now had it hit two accounts, and the only thing they have in common is that they were both created for Craigslist. One is an account which is mostly just used to post things to sell. The other hasn't had any incoming or outgoing messages for probably a year or two, other than from Hotmail itself.webecedarian

This looks like a right explanation. Same things happened to my two Google accounts. DHS started investigation and I had to abandon them. Now they reached my Microsoft account. Explanation is very simple, your account shouldn't be active. But if you receive e-mails from any account which is under investigation then you will be automatically included in investigation as well. I noticed my accounts get blocked as only I receive e-mails from Afghanistan or Iraq. It can be SPAM, whatever, investigators need to find out ways of communication people from the countries regardless which way they use.MOCKBA2

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  1. If you are concerned about privacy, don't use Internet.

    1. If you enjoy bending over to have stuff shoved up your ass then don't use the internet and just go to prison. Some people don't want to be someone else's bitch so easily. But sure,go ahead and let anyone have whatever information they want whenever they want it, not my problem in the end.

    2. Well said. Couldn't agree more. There is a push for loss of privacy to become the norm. "Just give us all your personal information and everything will be fine". Assholes. I got the same message from these pricks, so I'm simply closing my account. I'm not bending over for them.

    3. I'm deaf and don't use a phone and get along fine without it. I'm not giving out any information to google death or outlook. I don't give a sh*** if I lose my account. It's not safety they're concerned about, it's getting your information.

      Some people don't care what's collected. I worked in IT decades and know. I'm a little more careful than others.

      MSN, go xxxx yourself some more. Put on a demo and show how great your products are (that's a snide comment).

  2. i dont want to give my phon number

  3. There is an option to use an alternate email address instead of providing a phone number. This combined with a disposable mail services such as mailinator is a workaround for people who dont want to abandon their hotmail accounts, and poisons the database of any would-be phishers, government or otherwise. Win win.

    1. I forgot about the temporary email service. Thanks!

  4. All they did today was force me to give them my gmail account, and from this I will now transfer all my email to gmail. Congrats Hotmail for being jerks face liars (for my safety Ha!) you just convinced many people not to trust you and move on...

  5. Thanks for the tip!

  6. just tried it today, as my hotmail is my main account and everyone i know knows it. so goin thru a whole new account is bullshit, so microsoft can go fuck emselves


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