Why humans 25,000 years ago were smarter than we are today

It turns out humans 25,000 years ago were smarter than we are today.

When moving away from a barter based, gift based, 'you owe me one' economy, and forming money for the first time, every single form of money that came into existence in every tribe on earth had an important quality, inherent scarcity.

Humans were smart enough to know that it is a stupid idea to make money out of something that someone else can just create out of nothing! So they evolved money from using rare stones to rare shells etc and eventually we ended up globally with gold.

Paper money

Today our human civilization have somehow decided that we should make money out of pieces of paper and digital entry credits that can be made without restriction, out of nothing. And not only that, but we have decided to put that power in a central group of unelected bankers, who's sole purpose at this point in time is to manipulate the price of money (interest rate), and print massive amounts of money (a.k.a. Quantitative easing) to stop their subsidiary banks going out of business!

This is just global stupidity, and will be looked back upon in history as some weird retarded anomaly of economics.

And that is why humans 25,000 years ago were smarter than we are today. Besides the people who own gold, silver and bitcoin of course!

This wave of fiat money is about to crash

fiat money


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