So, I need to verify my account by logging with my PayPal verified account before to pay with Bitcoin?

I tried to buy some services from a (phone number with voicemail). They accept Bitcoin. But in order to pay with Bitcoin, the customer need to make his first payment with PayPal "for verification". They don't realize that Bitcoin payments are irreversible and "friendly fraud" with Bitcoin is impossible. From their TOS:
All users are required to verify their accounts before their orders are provisioned. This is done for security purposes and to help us combat fraud. This is a one time procedure. Users who are PayPal verified are exempt from the rule and require NO manual verification.
So, you need to send them your government issued ID and risking identity theft (they cannot keep your scanned ID safe from hackers - nobody can) if you don't want to use PayPal. Also from their homepage:
NO LONGER do you need to login to PayPal every time you buy or renew products on the site. Just complete the first transaction in PayPal and all future ones will be done on the site ONLY!.
So, it is good news? No need to login to PayPal every time? Only once? Even if you want to use Bitcoin, you still need verified PayPal account (if you don't want to risk identity theft and send your ID over Internet)? I tried to pay with my PayPal account, but it did not worked - PayPal don't allow me to pay with PayPal balance. When I click on "Continue" it is asking me for CC again (and I don't want new CC, I don't want to support the Visa/MasterCard cartel):

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