Los Angeles police shoot unarmed man in head

I am not sure if the police force changed, or internet access got better at spreading news about police brutality. I cannot go one week without hearing some unarmed person being shot by the cops.

So the man appeared to be waving them down for help and he has a towel wrapped around his hand. Wouldn’t the first assumption in any sane country be that perhaps he has bound up an injury and needs medical assistance? Oh no of course not. Not on the land where your first thought is that everyone is waving guns around. Naturally someone pointing their extending a bandaged hand toward you is trying to kill you.

This shows how paranoid are American police. It seems that in the USA the police assume that everybody (non-white) has a gun in their hand. So they shoot everybody (non-white), particularly those seeking police assistance. Exactly what percentage of people that the police shot last year had guns in their hands?

It certainly seems that not having a gun in your hand doesn't protect you from the police. So are the police working for the NRA in promoting gun possession?

"The LAPD said on Saturday it was standard procedure to handcuff any suspect."

OK, he didn't have a gun (which would have been obvious to them - AFTER they shot him - since they were handcuffing him). For what crime is he "a suspect"? Waving down police for assistance? Or having a towel wrapped around his hand?

Maybe he is suspected for "police assisted suicide"?


  1. It's incomprehensible how these cops just keep messing up when they know damn well that there are cameras on them everywhere they go. People of all races are fed up to their eyeballs with this endless poor and also dangerous judgement.

    Time to rethink what the hiring requirements ought to be and at the same time obvious failures must be removed from their jobs.


  2. "The LAPD said on Saturday it was standard procedure to handcuff any suspect."

    More than four decades after Mayor Sam Yorty and almost a quarter-century after beating Rodney King, business as usual. Exactly the same.

    1. "The LAPD said on Saturday it was standard procedure to handcuff any suspect."

      That's the sad and inhumane part - the guy had parts of his brains shot out.

      He was no danger to man nor mouse - why still handcuff him - instead of stemming his massive blood flow from his head?

      The USA is turning very sinister indeed.

  3. His father had obviously never had "the talk" with him and said: "if you are brown never point your hand at a police officer with a loaded weapon".

  4. This is another instance of the incompetence of police in the US.

    This man was shot and killed last year in Utah, by police who handcuffed him and searched for a weapon while he bled to death.


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