Capitalism is dead

Capitalism finished a long time ago; if it ever existed. The use of capitalism as a synonym for greedy business is a sad commentary on the lack of language of our day. Capitalism is about capital formation and nothing to do with the ripping off of the masses. That's the role of religions and politicians who encourage everyone to work harder and accept their lot.

Capitalism is an idea born out of Protestantism. If I forgo pleasure today I will have more resources and therefore I can have more pleasure tomorrow.

Business is a simple matter. Find something you love to do and help as many people as possible. They will then throw money at you. Today's businesses, particularly financially based businesses and miners, do not seem to understand this principle and are hell-bent on destroying society and the planet so that they can be the richest survivors. They become rich, briefly in most cases, but never wealthy. Wealthy people do not spend their lives accumulating the riches of the world at the expense of others and there is never enough for the rich but non-wealthy. e.g. How much money does a man need to have before he shows his mother or father, "What a good boy am I?" Wealthy people share their wealth uplifting others and making themselves happy through their good hearts.

No country that has raised itself from under-developed to developed country status, has done so without the exploitation of others. We are seeing this process copied once again in Russia, India and China. India is the most disappointing because their people claim to understand morality. Accumulation of capital in developing countries is chiefly through corruption which is why The Party turned a blind eye to it for so long. Now that most of the Princeling families are rich they will prevent others following their methods. It's also a great way to get rid of rivals.

Britons think that the Industrial Revolution made them rich but the capital was obtained through slave trading and narcotic sales. The Yanks are so stupid they believe that their revolution was about taxes and not ripping off Native Lands. Capital was further accumulated by the Robber Barons.

Australians similarly stole the land and the Chinese have stolen from their own people and now everyone else who is naive enough to trust them.

Russia developed at the expense of desperate and innocent workers who gave up their share certificates to devouring oligarchs.

Britain refinanced the world by buying supplies from the Carpetbaggers and ending the Depression in the US. At the end of the war the US had the only factories still standing so used its financial power to enslave much of the world and create two empires: Their own and Stalin's. Britain has only recently escaped its clutches which makes one wonder how it got conned into Middle Eastern adventures. The US has more standing armies than Rome ever dreamed of but has sold its soul to the Chinese for a few pieces of silver. Coincidently the UK also sold out to the Chinese for silver in exchange for opium. The recovery of Hong Kong by the Party had nothing to do with land and was all about silver and face.

Long live capitalism; the real kind.


  1. Right now we are seeing the signs of the big corporation bull run sputtering to a halt. When it stops flying it's going to be dying and so will a lot of people who will be collateral damage as the rich elite try to bail out/rescue failing businesses.

    It's going to be a looooooooong bumpy ride. Trump has good ideas to step away from globalization as that just shifts the power around but I think he can't stop the wrecking ball.

    The most he can do is steal the tires and temporary halt the machine but more likely he should just jump out of the way and give us warning when the wrecking ball is coming in sight.

    The media is not doing it and will actually help arrange it so the wrecking ball happens when we are not looking.


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