There is no need to smash your computer after generating your Bitcoin keys/seeds

No need of smashing, burning or even formatting if you are using some "Live" operating system like Ubuntu or Tails run from DVD (on computer with disconnected hard drive, SSD, flash drive).

Also you can run your Live system on USB flash drive but without activating the swap and in read only mode (without writing your home directory on the flash drive). If you are very paranoid you can use one of these USB flash drives with hardware write protection. Or just buy DVD drive without writing capability (if you don't have one) - it's read only for sure.

Archiving private keys - TLDR version

After you restart (an if you are very paranoid - after running memtest86+ for several hours) it is safe. Unless there is a malware in your UEFI/BIOS... Or inside the CPU itself.

This is why you should use the oldest computer possible - they are less probably to have malware on their CPU.

Do not use (only) flash memory (SSD drives, hardware wallets, USB flash drives) for your precious private keys!

When you print important crypto stuff (private keys) make sure you use a proper font and don't leave traces on your printer's hard drive and your computer's hard drive

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Archiving private keys - TLDR version

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