Evolve.markets or 1Broker - which to choose?

If you want to speculate with Forex/stocks/indices/commodities but don't want the risk of margin call because the price of Bitcoin (account currency) plummets, I recommend 1Broker. The price changes of the traded asset are converted to changes of your BTC balance (the falling BTC price does not affect the forced stop loss).

For example, if you open long position with size 1 BTC on S&P 500 with leverage 1:10, and it goes up by 10%, you get 100% profit (your BTC balance would be 2 BTC if you close your position):

If your leverage is 1:20 - you get 200% profit (BTC balance become 4 BTC):

On Evolve.Markets your profits and losses (including unrealized ones) are converted to BTC dynamically (like on any other MetaTrader broker). Also, your margin level is calculated constantly and if BTC price plummets you may get margin call (if it goes up you have more available margin).

If your strategy is a long term (and you are worried about the hypothetical Bitcoin price plunge, which may lead to margin call and forced stop loss) it's logical to choose 1Broker.

For Forex intraday and swing trading in most of the cases Evolve.Markets is better (see the swap rates for EUR/USD on both brokers for example - on Evolve.Markets you get money when you keep short position at 17:00 New York time or over the weekend (positive swap). On 1Broker the same swap is negative.

Both brokers don't require KYC documents, they don't ask even for your name. This is great for your privacy.

There are some instruments on Evolve.Markets with zero swap rate:

On 1Broker you can trade Copper (which is not available on their competitor) and these stocks (which are not available at Evolve.Markets):

Activision Blizzard, Inc.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Alibaba Group H. Ltd.
Alphabet, Inc.
Altaba, Inc.
Amazon.com, Inc.
Apple, Inc.
Bank of America Corp.
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Citigroup, Inc.
Deutsche Bank AG
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Dropbox Inc.
Facebook, Inc.
Ford Motor Comp.
GoPro, Inc.
Intel Corporation
Microsoft Corp.
Netflix, Inc.
PepsiCo, Inc.
Siemens AG
Snap, Inc.
Spotify Technology S.A.
Tesla Motors, Inc.
The Boeing Company
The Walt Disney Company
Twitter, Inc.
Visa, Inc.
Volkswagen AG
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Western Union

Indices available on Evolve.Markets:


Indices available on 1Broker:

ASX 200
CAC 40
DAX (German 30)
Dow Jones 30 Industrial
Euro Stoxx 50
FTSE 100
Hong Kong 50
Nikkei 225
S&P 500


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