How to exchange Bitcoin to PayPal, Visa and MasterCard (the fee is about 7.4%)

You can use this service if you need to exchange your bitcons to PayPal or send PayPal payments without need to have PayPal account.

The minimal amount per transactions is $20. Maximal amount per transaction is $4000.

Bitcoin to PayPal exchange

Also you can use the system for sending payments to non-US Visa and MasterCard bank cards.

Bitcoin to MasterCard transfer

Update: You need to use first in order to exchange bitcoins to fiat currency.

You can use directly (without Payeer) but you will wait more for transfer to complete (up to 5 working days). Also there is a minimum transaction amount of $500 USD:

Disclosure: the above link is “affiliate link“. I may receive commissions if you sign-up and use this service.

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