Mental changes after starting a paleo diet - testimonials

I eat paleo primarily as treatment for my depression. Wheat, excessive carbs/sugar, and dairy are my biggest triggers, when I eat poorly I have a harder time stabilizing my mood, I'm irritable, and just notice a general feeling of sadness. Paleo and exercise has been what's kept me stable for the past couple years, I really wish mental health professionals would push diet and exercise as solutions more heavily. They mention it, but no where near as strongly as they should.

Paleo and heavy lifting has rid me of panic attacks. 2-years Paleo, 2-years PA free.

I've been getting anxious here and there lately, but I've also been cheating (food wise and skipping the gym) more than I usually do. Lots of out of town trips so far this season, and I like to eat at popular local dives.

I'm typically Paleo/Keto in the summer, but with the cheating I keep hovering on the edge of burning carbs and burning fat, so I'm off my game right now. I guess I should pick a side for the rest of the summer.

I have absolutely noticed a difference. Without a doubt. My overall mood is better and the little things don't seem to dig into me the way they used to. I have been reading a bit about gut health and its effects, and the more I read the more I see a reason to take the correlation seriously.

I noticed HUGE differences going Paleo. My social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depression all disappeared. For the first time in my life, I actually had a desire to make friends and talk to people! Exercise, even just walking a bit everyday I noticed also helped a lot.

Also, for my children, since going Paleo I noticed if they now have Anything that has gluten in it, they go Biserk and literally act like they're psychotic. Their bodies do NOT react well since cleaning all that out of system.

Oh yes! Fuzzy brain, some mood swings, and all anxiety pretty much gone, which was amazing since a year of it my husband spent dying. I did save his life by firing three doctors and figuring out what was wrong all by my lonesome.

He does have dementia and is stuck in his old diet, which I am slowly changing to more paleo. And his memory is improving! Which they said would never happen, it would continue to get worse. His anxiety seems to be gone now too and he is quite cheerful now all the time instead of grumpy after a SAD meal.

The good thing is he hasn't noticed all the sugar is gone from the house. He can't drive, so he can't go get more! I just keep giving him nuts and fruit.

I used to do a cheat day once per week where I'd eat anything I wanted, including bread and other junk food.

The following day I had ZERO focus. I couldn't even read short articles, let alone try to read a book.

I haven't had a cheat day in 5 years :-D

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