The War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration in the United States


  1. This is so stupid our tax dollars are paying for people to be in prison for pot.

    People that harm others need to be in jail not those who may be harming only themselves. No law should reach inside a citizen's body, not the lungs, nor blood stream, bladder, or womb!

  2. I'm curious why all of these non violent marijuana offenders are still locked up in prisons when their states of Washington and Colorado have voted the plant legal. These peope who used to be considered criminals should be let out immediatley.

  3. We do not have a justice system. We have an Injustice system. People can go to jail for life for petty crimes, but people who steal millions and billions of dollars get off without punishment. Police have often become the terrorists, destroying property at will and often fabricating evidence. And our prison population is often farmed out as cheap labor for the rich.

    It is an injustice system, designed to be unjust and uncaring. It needs a thorough overhaul. The drug war should be scrapped. Other laws should be comparatively weighed as to the social and economic cost they impose compared to the mission they serve.

    I figure we could scrap 90% of the laws, refocus the strength of law enforcement on violent crime and the economic crimes of the rich, and come out a much better and more prosperous nation.

  4. I guess I struggle with the question, "why do we have drug laws"? Common sense says that there is a certain population of additive personalities out there, and all the laws in the world aren't going to detain their drug use. And once legalized, most of the profit goes out of the incredibly destructive black market. I'm an individual, I don't NEED the government making these choices/decisions for me.

    1. Once legalized the money would not go to the black market anymore. That's one of the points of legalization.

    2. Yes, in fact, that is just about the entire point. The whole system is useless baggage.

  5. Incarceration for non-violent drug offenses is the least effective, least economical and least humane way to deal with drug use. We live in a nation with legal sanction for middle-class drug addicts (the favorite - oxicodone a schedule 2 narcotic, a congener of heroin) via licensed drug dealers - unscrupulous doctors. But, those addicts have health care insurance and go into rehabilitation via drug diversion. The districts attorney never prosecute the dealer (an MD) or the addict because of prescriptive license all the while drug companies rake in huge profits shoveling excessive narcotics out the door. Profit is the game - privatize the prison system and make money off the inmates, push "legal" drugs for profit and realize the DEA is a major fifedom within the federal government - everyone profiting wants to preserve the status quo. Follow the money trail...


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