The Question Libertarians Just Can’t Answer

Tom Woods is giving a great answer to this question:
For some reason, the finger-waggers at Salon think they’ve got us stumped with this one: “If your approach is so great, why hasn’t any country in the world ever tried it?”
So this is the unanswerable question? What’s supposed to be so hard about it? Ninety percent of what libertarians write about answers it at least implicitly.Tom Woods

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  1. If libertarianism were as good as its advocates say it is, then in a free market, states that adopted libertarianism would be wealthier and stronger, giving them a competitive advantage over less libertarian states. The less libertarian states would then have to adopt to libertarian norms in order to compete. But by and large, that has not actually happened.

    1. Actually, states that are more liberal, are wealthier and stronger. Unfortunately there is no 100% libertarian state because the economic education of people is not very good and they don't understend the benefits of libertarianism (and don't vote for libertarians).


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