Facebook Phishing - Hosted on Hostgator

Facebook Phishing attempt
Facebook Phishing attempt - hosted on HostGator
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Your page has been reported too many times, we reviewed your activity on your page and it was determined that you were in violation of our terms of service.

Please review your page activity and confirm that you are the owner of this Page.

If you think this is a mistake, Please verify your page on the link below.

This would indicate that your page does not have violation in terms of use. We will immediately review your Page appeal.


Note: If you do not verify your page within 24 Hours, then you have ignored our notifications and your page will be permanently unpublished.
I sent report to the Facebook (phish@fb.com) and HostGator (abuse@hostgator.com).

HostGator's e-mail was hidden in their TOS.

Their ticket system is strange:

They don't accept Hacking/Malware reports, but you can send them such reports if you choose "Other" (or if you find their e-mail). I first sent them e-mail to abuse@hostgator.com.

I was not sure that this is functioning e-mail, because this e-mail was not present on their "contact us" page). But it looks their e-mail works, because I received confirmation:

So, you can send them hacking/malware report to their e-mail, but you can't do this using their ticket system (if you choose appropriate category)?


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