Humans should eat vegetables and meat. Not sugar and junk food.

The most common eating mistakes that people keep repeating are:

1. Eating too much sugar. Eating a lot of fructose in the form of added sugars may cause insulin resistance, which ultimately leads to obesity and type II diabetes.

2. Not eating meat. Vegans are deficient in many important nutrients.

Meme: If vegetarians love animals so much… why do they eat all their food?
Meme: Vegetarians. Often it’s hard to convince others.


  1. I went Vegan 18 months ago. Absolutely love it, and the best part is I don't miss meat and dairy one bit. Everyone should give it a 30 day test drive to see for themselves. The animals will thank you too!

  2. For all of you meat loving folks... just try to keep an open mind! Cooking isn't chemistry. If there's an ingredient you don't like, don't add it! Replace it with something you do like! Try one of these recipes as a side dish, or add some meat to it! You might find some new things that you've never experienced before!
    The only meat that I have eaten for most of my life is fish & sea food. My body can't process other meats properly, which makes me sick. So, I pretty much had no choice when it came to eating, or not eating meat. Not everyone can be vegetarian, & not everyone wants to be vegetarian. Don't sweat it! Why bother taking the time to cook if you aren't going to enjoy what you've prepared? You should enjoy the experimentation of cooking about as much as you enjoy dining on the delectable results! Have fun trying new things! Every time you go to the grocery, buy one thing that you've never tried before, then create with it! Even if you don't consider yourself a veggie lover, push the boundaries a bit! Try something new! You're sure to find a new taste sensation you've never experienced before! Be adventurous!!!!

  3. Watch this video:

    What I find interesting about this talk, is that plenty of us never really thought of this "third option" of cutting down your consumption of meat on certain days, rather than choosing between being a vegetarian or not. It's striking considering how obvious it is.

    I'm currently reading a book called "Decisive" by the Heath Brothers (authors of "Made to Stick" and "Switch") about how terrible we are at making decisions, (mostly because we constantly get locked in "A or B" or "wether or not" decisions and fail to see other options, or even the posibility of achieving A AND B) and how to improve our decision making process, by widening our posibilities and seeking out opposing opinions.

    Ever since I picked that book, this kind situations where we fail to see obvious alternatives have become increasingly interesting to me. I recommend that book (or any other on decision making, for that matter) to everyone.


    1. Oh Lord, another tree hugger. Sustainability also exists in forestry plantations. This whole debate however gets to be silly, as our human stewardship of global environment really needs to rise above the fray and use some common sense cultural traditions evolving with scientific reality.

      Please remember to cherish your "eye teeth" and being the omnivore that we are. This allows us ALL to take care of the entire planet's flora AND fauna !!!

      Growing and nurturing agricultural assets across the spectrum is what we must improve and accomplish better and more efficiently. THAT will be our litmus test, not how many carrots we eat !! :):)

    2. "Eating a mere hamburger a day can increase my risk of dying by a third."

      What kind of hamburger is he talking about? A little more information would be nice. Or I'll start to think he's just trying to manipulate us with bombastic, alarming claims without supporting scientific evidence.


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