Why Alpha 3 Omega acids are important for human health

Alpha 3 Omega acids have been shown to be of great benefit in almost all areas of our health. The Science is clear that these are important. We do not make them. They actually come from algae and certain mosses and fungi. If a cow or sheep eat these they have high alpha 3 in their meat. Fish are just one carrier. Chickens fed these things will deliver eggs with alpha 3.

With the cost of fish and the mercury problem there should be other ways to get this important supplement.

For a complete discussion on alpha 3's and why they are so important see letswakeupfolks.blogspot.com and the article Just How Important is Fish Oil (alpha 3 Omega Acid) to our health?.

The omega-3 used in brain development is DHA, which is why the advice to eat fish is offered to pregnant women. Chia and hemp have ALA, not DHA. The body converts ALA to DHA at a rate of about 5%, so you would have to eat a rather large amount of those seeds to (maybe) get the same DHA content found in a piece of wild salmon. ALA may have some benefits of its own WRT cardiovascular health, but DHA is brain food, EPA is mood food, and both are mostly found in fish.


  1. There is no need, ever, to eat any animal; fish or otherwise. None. There are plenty of vitamins and nutrients and protein in a 100% plant-based diet (with the exception of B12, which can be had in a supplement). This is likely another feature written to try to breath life (pun intended) into yet another industry that has seen lagging sales.

    1. While I respect your choices, lots of people find health and strength on a diet that includes well-raised animal foods, and lots of people struggle with health on a vegan diet.

    2. Eric, I would take issue with "ever". Not everyone is the same. A person could have valid health reasons to eat meat or fish.

      This important advice recognizes that the prenatal environment is key to health and development of children. There are solid experimental grounds for advocating consumption of fish during pregnancy, because we have observed important advantages in children whose mothers consume more fish

  2. Great! Now this article will drive fish prices even higher. I used to eat a lot of fish before this latest fad. It used to be the food of the poor. Now we are taken away another privilege for the benefit of the rich.

    1. Yes, this one article will drive millions to suddenly change their dietary patterns and start eating more fish.

      There are plenty of inexpensive but nutritious fish, BTW: sardines, mackerel, herring, smelts, etc.


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