Is making 400% trading options and Forex 'with the right strategy' really possible?

If it's so easy making 400% trading 'with the right strategy', why isn't everyone doing it?

Let me guess: the 'right strategy' is a secret known to only a few select, but for the right price you'll let me in on it and tell me this incredible secret that you 'guarantee' will make me a fortune.

But no, you can't show me how much money you've made, or explain why you're hocking this instead of using it yourself. That's part of the secret. And if everyone knew why, the government and the Feds would shut it down cause they don't want people to make money. Wall Street hates it too. Honest.

Now it makes sense. Where do I sign?


  1. You can beat the market and make a lot of money in the same sense that you can win the lottery and make a lot of money. Survivor bias is one of the biggest issues with financial thinking in America.


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