US verified accounts at Bitfinex are frozen and withdrawals are not possible

Reports from yesterday seem to suggest that US verified accounts are frozen and unable to withdraw.

There are suggestions that Bitfinex doing this as a punishment for Synapse Pay not allowing their theft

US verified. All my remaining BitFinex balances are frozen. I can't buy/sell or withdraw anything. They're using SynapsePay as their excuse, but I don't see why they can't quickly (it's been days since everyone else got to resume trading) do one of two things:

1) Reduce our BitFinex balances by the amount Synapse sent us (as of the last settlement 16 hours before the exchange shutdown), even if that makes our USD balances negative. Then allow us to trade but not withdraw until we bring the USD balance out of the red. They're already manually approving all withdrawals, so it shouldn't be hard to check for negative balances

2) Just take from our BTC or other coin balances whatever is necessary to achieve the haircut. This wouldn't be sufficient for customers with only USD, but would enable at least some of us to resume trading.

I am a verified US customer and am not allowed to withdraw with the following notice

Your account is currently restricted from withdrawing because your BitGo wallet is frozen and accurate accounting can not be determined for your balances.

However, I only have $5 in my BitGo wallet (which is not frozen by the way) and mannny more BTC stuck in Bitfinex due to this. Support seems to be ignoring requests about this issue so far and there has been no ETA on a fix.

I was able to withdraw (US custom). No clue if I am verified. Heck, don't even know very well what Bitgo is. Opened an account in 2013, shoved some bitcoin in, and left it until now.

This is why you should not keep your cryptocurrency on exchanges. Make small transactions, less than amount you can afford to lose.

American. Verified. I can't even attempt to withdraw. I instead get this message.

Is anyone else getting this particular message instead of the BitGo message?

I'm also unable to move anything between wallets, and they put all my funds in my margin wallet, which is still disabled for US customers. Guess I'll just hodl this BFXCoin . . .

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