This is why "Credible friends app" is bad - don't use it

The fees for this are stupid high.

25% fixed APR. The lender only gets 15% and the company that made this gets 10%.

With fees like that, you're better off screwing your friends with high interest rates outside of this app. Because you know you're just as likely to get paid back, and a company isn't making money off of both of you.

It is a shitty premise to take advantage of the financially illiterate or truly desperate. Almost any borrowing is cheaper than this.

There is also no mention of how funds will be collected should the borrower not repay their money. Are you supposed to go around to their house and ask for it back - talk about killing friendships.

Connecting your social networks and allowing friends to borrow at a locked in interest rate seems like a dangerous game to play, at some point a loan is going to go sour, and rather than a damaged credit score, it'll be a damaged friendship.

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