1. The NSA is on our side, unless you are a scumbag who likes to take other people's property. The more collection the better. I have nothing to hide. If you do, you should be jailed so the rest of us can work on worthwhile endeavors.

    1. You're precious. Watch this video and learn a little bit more about law enforcement:

  2. The reason we have the 4th Amendment is to protect against unreasonable searches; the Founders themselves, many of whom were war veterans, knew about spying and the like. The government should only be able to read personal emails of those people for whom they have a reasonable suspicion that they are involved in some kind of criminal activity. The phone was invented in 1876, and the government has needed a warrant to look at your phone records. That is the law. There may be times when there is probable cause without rising to the level of a warrant, in which case the government has the right to conduct lesser forms of searches in order to gather evidence to obtain a warrant, and there are procedures for this as well.


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