Usage statistics of Bitmessage

If you run your Bitmessage client with nohup (like I am suggesting in this article) you can view the statistics about nodes that are currently online:

$ cd $HOME/PyBitmessage/src/ && tail -f nohup.out  | grep ^knownNodes

knownNodes currently has 2059 nodes for this stream.

This is the estimate of the currently online users.

Also you can see the statistics on the "Network Status" tab.


  1. Looks like 20 000 is the hardcoded maximum:

    "knownNodes currently has 20000 nodes for this stream."

  2. Bitmessage collects up to 20000 node addresses and connect them randomly. It has a "value" algorithm to determine, how reliable a node is. It uses connect/fail ratio and number of offered objects to calculate the value.

    The value has no influence on which node it tries to contact, this is pure random.


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